Hatha Yoga at InFoe

This class is ideal for anyone new to yoga and interested in its benefits. It is designed to help students build strength, increase flexibility, find focus, and learn how to let go and relax. The class begins with the practice of breath awareness and simple breathing techniques and a warm-up sequence. Students then follow a series of standing and floor postures (asanas) to prepare for exhilarating peak poses that are practiced later in class. The class then concludes with a series of cooling and calming postures that would bring students to complete relaxation. The class is moderately paced so that students can learn the fundamental yoga postures and principles that create a successful and effective yoga practice.

Things to know for your first visit:

Weekend Yoga at InFoe

Our Sunday classes promote a better understanding of yoga practices. Each class focuses on a special theme to guide students through practice with clarity and intention. Previous themes include anapana meditation, yoga for willpower and confidence, yin, yoga nidra, office yoga, hormone yoga, chakra yoga and yoga for back pain. These session are open to all, and are taught by a rotation of experienced teachers from Germany, the United States, South Africa, and Iran. The course language is English unless otherwise noted.

108 Surya Namaskar: Celebrating the Changing of the Seasons

In this 90-minute session, students will elevate their yoga practice by challenging themselves both mentally and physically to complete 108 rounds of sun salutations to mark and celebrate the change of seasons. This session is recommended for intermediate and advanced students or those who can practice sun salutations safely. The rounds are performed continuously without a pause in between. When needed, students can rest in child pose or sit in meditation. Remember to bring a mat, a towel, and a bottle water, and be prepared to enjoy this meditative, magical and sweaty session!

Hatha Yoga at Familien-Bildungsstätte

In this class, students learn to connect the movement of the body and fluctuations of the mind to the rhythm of their breath. Students learn classical yoga postures and breathing practices to develop whole-body strength, flexibility (of body and mind), concentration and awareness of breath. Additionally, students learn to create proper body alignment by assessing their posture and lifestyle and incorporating simple poses into their regular practice and applying them throughout their daily life. Each class starts with breath awareness and a warm up, followed by a series of standing and floor postures. The class ends with calming poses that encourage the body and the mind to cool down, relax, and meditate. Students also learn how to use proper props to correct and improve alignment in each pose. The small class size ensures personalized attention, and a chance to build connection with other yoga students.

Yin Yoga at Familien-Bildungsstaette

Would you like to sit more comfortably in meditation? This class is designed to increase the flexibility of the connective tissue around the joints, especially the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Students practice a variation of seated and supine poses, holding each pose for several minutes. Poses are based on classic yoga asanas, and are modified slightly to emphasize releasing muscles as oppose to contracting them. Students learn to enter slowly and gently into each pose, waiting for body feedback before moving deeper into the pose. This course complements hatha yoga practice by enhancing the natural range of mobility and energy flow in the tissues around the joints.

Yoga for Meditation

Why do we meditate? What good does it do? What are the obstacles to becoming a successful meditator and how do we overcome them? This course will teach foundational techniques of meditation (awareness, concentration, relaxation) as supported by hatha yoga practices. Simple postures and exercises will be used to calm the mind, relax the body, and prepare for meditation. You will learn and experience different styles of meditation (e.g., Yoga Nidra, Anapana, Metta loving-kindness), so that you can ultimately discover what works best for you.